COVID-19 Precautions

To be transparent, I have had my 1st vaccine.

I will be taking the following safety precautions to not only comply with government guidelines but to ensure our upmost importance to our safety. These are as follows

  • I will by wearing a face mask for all appointments
  • Equipment will be sterilised between all appointments
  • Each client will have a fresh gown and towels
  • Consultations will be done before I arrive as I will only bring colours and equipment that I need for your service
  • As you will understand, I currently have a long waiting list due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Therefore appointment times will be as strict as possible, so please let me know exactly what you’d like doing during the consultation so I can plan my day accordingly
  • For our own safety, as you will understand, I will need to start your service as soon as I arrive and leave promptly when finished.

The latest Government Guidelines are here